#GiveBIG in Seattle… one day fundraising extravaganza

Today, Seattle (and other cities) are buzzing, trending, and screaming out that the Seattle Foundation will partially match their donations.  Most Seattle organizations have found another matching partner to guarantee a 1:1 match, so that it’s really clear that donor’s money will double today.

GiveBIG is a great tool.  And many non-profits are using it in really great ways.  But I want to call out the video created by the Seattle Foundation and TriFilm. I really like it- and it stars a good friend, Diver Laura, amongst other “heroes” in our community.

Check it out!

Here’s how we used the Seattle Foundation’s hero graphics on our images:


Photo credit:  Shana Pennington-Baird, International Coastal Cleanup 2013


Photo credit: Tsofia Richter, Gary Manuel Salon, Earth Month Belltown Cleanup

Last year raised $11 million.  What a campaign.