It’s Wednesday and I have to admit… I LOVE running reports.  I am not a numbers person.  I don’t like paying bills.  I am no accountant. I would rather be out playing in the sun, riding my bike, scuba diving, getting a root canal.  But by Wednesday I just have to run reports, as many as possible, and stare for long hours at our donor statistics.

Yes, all good fundraisers use metrics to make decisions.  But I am starting to think I would rather stare at my numbers than pick up the phone.  I mean, it’s time.  Major donor cultivation, set up visits, get on the phone with board members time.

Reminds me of cleaning my room when I should be doing homework.

I write about this:

  • to let other fundraisers know they are not alone if they feel this way.
  • to put off picking up the phone, or running more reports. I really love the SYBNTY.  And I am a real sucker for % of attrition over a three year period.


Report Photo


Okay, whining complete.  I am now going to do that incredibly important major donor stuff.  I’ll report back how it goes.  I’ll even run you a report.