Learning to Fundraise without Fear

 Here is a link to watch my online episode from Chris Davenport’s Movie Mondays. 

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From Chris Davenport (filmmaker extraordinaire– he totally rules.)

Are you new to fundraising, or having a hard time raising money?

In today’s episode, Shana Pennington-Baird talks about how she first learned how to fundraise. She talks about how by learning and following the steps that other fundraisers have taken, you too can raise money with greater ease.

Shana is the Development Director for Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. I met her when she came up to me at a conference to tell me how she had raised twice as much money with her campaign. It turns out that she had purchased “100 Donors in 90 Days” from me. And with the very first interview and action guide, she was able to double the donations that came in. You can hear her tell the story by going here: 100 Donors story


If you would like a copy of my VERY simple GANTT chart that I talk about in the video, you can download by clicking the link below.


It’s a very easy to use excel spreadsheet with movable arrows.  Monkeys could use it.  And if you need more help: