Why my three year old can raise a ton of money.

Here is why my three year old can raise money from absolutely anyone.  Here is her method:

Can I have a cookie?

Not until you finish dinner.

Can I have a cookie?

Not until you finish dinner- I am not going to repeat myself.

Can I have a cookie?



Five minutes go by.


Can I have a cookie?

Two more bites.

Dinner ends.  An hour goes by.

Cookie? I pick up toys.   Pleeeeeeeease?

Said child starts putting away toys.

You cleaned up by yourself?  Here’s your cookie.


Now… good parenting.  Nope. Maybe.  I don’t know.  I make this parenting thing up every day.


But…good advocacy on the part of my daughter.  YES.

1.  She was persistent.  I am not saying be annoying.  Or over ask, but “no” is maybe, or ask again later. And whining to the board or donors is a terrible idea. But she did ask– and more than once.

2.  She finally gave a benefit to me.  The donor.  As a parent, I thought, “WOW! She might start picking up after herself!  REWARD!!”  This psychology is not so different for the donor.  I want to see the value of my donation and how it relates to me.

NOTE:  If she had worn me down, I would have felt bad about the cookie and possibly only given a GUILT gift, which is a one-time get-out-of-my-face gift.  But she wisely played to what I needed and made me feel good.  On purpose?  Of course not.  She’s three and repeats herself until she gets what she wants.


Short take-away.  ASK.  Ask more often than you think. In between ASKING, let them know what you are doing. And most importantly, BRING THE DONOR INTO YOUR ASK.


Happy Tuesday.