ShanaPB is also known as Shana Pennington-Baird in her professional life.  She is also known as Mom, Mama, Mommmmeeeeeee, and other names at home which don’t always make a lot of sense.  Her kid is three.  Is there anymore to say on this?IMG_3087

Shana holds a BFA in theatre arts from Stephens College.  She graduated 20, yes, 20 years ago from college and has been having the best time since doing way too much all of the time.  You’ll find her simultaneously singing, dancing, running theatre camps, scuba diving, raising money and now…. apparently blogging.  She is available right now for any theatre gig, so long as it pays well and we have only one four hour rehearsal.  Did I mention the three year old above?

While dangerous if cornered for long periods of time or held in captivity, Shana is always willing to help out pretty much anyone who wants advice.  Take that as you will.  And know that her advice might just be insane.  But it’s here.

Talk to her– anytime.


Twitter:  ShanaPB

And if you want to hear Shana’s vocal reels and hire her for any voice work, check out her reels at


Shana has a home studio and can provide finished and edited voice work.


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