AFP- Martini Monday in Seattle- tonight. We’ll be talking the pros/cons of crowdfunding

Tonight at 5pm, if you are in the Seattle area, come have a martini tonight and discuss the good and bad sides of Crowdfunding. This talk is sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

How many of you have been asked by a boss or board member to come up with a crowd-funding campaign like the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS? I have been part of a very successful crowd-funding campaign and I am still in the same camp as most Development Directors. I can’t come up with a trending campaign by waiving a magic wand. That said, I am always ready for the perfect storm to come together.
1. Trending hash-tag- already newsworthy.
2. Something that pulls a community together or appeals to social media narcissistic tendencies.
3. A genuine reason to need that money right now.

Tonight I will talk about an online campaign vs. a crowd-funding whirlwind. See you there.. Hook and Plow, Downtown Seattle at 5pm.