Donor camping trips

This weekend I am in charge of a handful of major donors who will be camping on the shores of one of the wildest and most beautiful rivers in Washington State. We’ll be rafting on the newly freed Elwha River, whose dams were removed last year and the salmon are returning.


Donors. Camping. Upfront we let folks know it’s casual. Breakfast will be provided and dinner is around the campfire. But I am wondering about expectations. This is not my family going out for the weekend. These are folks, in some cases, that I have never met. I’ll bring extra tents, sleeping bags and bug spray.

And a whole lot of patience.

2 thoughts on “Donor camping trips

  1. Can you tell us more about how you planned this, how many of your major donors thought this was a fun opportunity, etc.? I could see doing this as an “ecoevent” for some of ours. Thanks.

    • We advertise the trip through a major donor event we host each spring. This particular river is such an amazing story that we get a ton of interest. Now, the guest list changes like crazy even with deposits. Summer is busy so people drop out. I’ll report back on donor happiness after this weekend. Last year’s board members, staff and donors loved it. Numbers– we have 12 donors. So half of our attendees. The others are staff and volunteers. In addition we plan educational talks, hikes and interpretive activities.

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