Grapes grow best in bunches

I just came from an non-profit summit, hosted by an local chamber of commerce.  And while at first, we might think, “Hey, we are all after the same corporate, individual and institutional dollars.  I compete with all the groups here…”  I think that instead…

Grapes grow best in bunches.


I think non-profits who network together and build on their strengths are in the end stronger, healthier and able to still reach their funders.  Many years ago, I started a theatre alliance.  Sure, we were in a small town and “competed” for ticket sales, but we learned that we could actually reach more audience members together AND they attended all of our shows. Well, not all of them.  But we did see cross-over in our sales reports.

We were in competition with our audience member’s remote control at home. Not each other. 

PLUS, it made for much needed monthly get lunches or happy hours (or both?! Wait, no…) where we could really share what we were going through together.

Here’s to reaching out to the best varietals out there and making friends.



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